Message from the CEO

Overcoming Challenges

As we welcome 2021, we’re proud to have come this far. We have stood proud and strong in the face of a vicious pandemic, overcoming unprecedented challenges, we thought would be crippling obstacles. Together, with every employee and staff member on IWAN’s team and every partner and member of our community, we have managed to stay afloat amidst a global crisis, striking numerous industries and economies.

For the meantime, we are gradually improving our methodology of approaching spontaneous challenges that arise in the market. We are setting innovative strategies that will help us continue to overcome any obstacles we may face, as well as devise new plans that enable us to thrive in any situation.


We are ready to embark on a new journey to enhance our operations and business approaches. In our mission to do so, we are harnessing our resources in order to be able to establish fully connected communities that grant our customers the unique lifestyles they deserve.

IWAN’S board of directors is comprised of recognized leaders across various areas of expertise, complementing IWAN’s mission and vision in diversity, professionalism and dedication.

Eng. Ehab Mokhtar

Shareholder/Idea Design CEO

Mr. Mohamed Maher

Shareholder/Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Ahmed Samy

Shareholder/Board Member