About Us 1

Established in 2004, IWAN Developments is a leading Egyptian real estate development shareholding company. Founded on the vision of developing homes, built in feel-good neighborhoods with well-connected livable communities, we curate unique human experiences and elevated quality living. IWAN means a place of gathering, which is mirrored in its core belief of providing significance in the communities in which it develops.

With a versatile portfolio of 10 residential projects, spanning urban, coastal locations and various administrative, commercial projects, IWAN has earned its reputation as an established player in the Egyptian Real Estate market.

Our residential projects are distinguished landmarks of the Sheikh Zayed community which include: Jeera, Jewar, Jedar, Jubail, Alma, Atrio, Vida and The Axis. Our Sokhna gem, Majada, offers a wide portfolio ranging from luxury villas to fully and semi-finished twin houses and town homes as well as versatile apartments.

About Us 2


We focus on relevant innovation from idea to delivery. Our business is based on integration and attention to detail that brings value to our company and clients. Every business decision is strategically made to play out in favor of the development of IWAN’s equity and business. IWAN’s success is based on sustainability; we are committed to superior returns and sustainable development for future generations.


Leading the way, delivering genuine value, and innovative integrated real estate solutions.