El Mouled Fe JEERA

December 16, 2016

We celebrated El Mouled with a family festival at JEERA! on the 16th of December at the clubhouse, where we had a day packed full of fun activities, oriental performances including El Leila El Kebeera, and all the tastiest Egyptian dishes and snacks.




Oriental performances like El Leila El Kebeera, fireworks, and a colorful Tanoura show was also  present and gave you that dose of Om El Donya that you needed. El Mouled also hosted fun traditional Mouled swings and games , as well educating storytelling sessions on the Prophet’s stories for kids. El Mouled’s oriental atmosphere with free food stands that included cotton candy, termes, sweet potato, hommos el sham and more.



El Mouled brought El Haty, Batates and Zalabya, Butcher’s Burger, Shawerma Garage, Waffle Station, and of course, a 3arebeyet Kebda on board. As for dessert,  El Abd gave  3000 mini giveaways.




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